Meet Our Team

2021-2022 Board Members

President of Engineering
Kenneth is a third-year Mechanical Engineering major who is also a part of Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF), Tau Beta Pi and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
His career vision is to work in the aerospace industry to advance human and robotic flight systems.

President of Business
Pengchi is a fourth-year Business major concentrating in Business Analytics. His career vision is to find a job that will support his family, himself, have a good life, and eventually open up a school teaching students how to enjoy nature.

Vice-President of Internal Affairs
Trang is a fourth-year Business major concentrating in Operations and Supply Chain Management, with a Music minor. She's interested in project management and is working to attain an MBA and potentially a J.D. down the line.


Vice-President of External Affairs
Alison is a third-year Electrical Engineering major who is also part of UCR's Society of Women's Engineering.
Her career vision is to successfully graduate in Electrical Engineering and work in revolutionizing current Grid Edge technology.

Director of Operations
Angela is a third-year mechanical engineering major excited to be a part of this effort to further establish UAS as a distinguished student organization.
Through this opportunity, she hopes to develop leadership skills that will better prepare her for a career in aerospace.

Director of Development
Haoyu is a 3rd year Bioengineering major and is also a part of Tau Beta Pi. Her career vision for the future is to be a product/project manager within the Biotechnology industry.
Her vision for UAS is for it to become a BCOE organization that brings people of interdisciplinary skills together to accomplish something memorable and impactful.

Gisell is a fourth-year Business Finance major whose goals for UAS is to expand the organization and introduce new programs and events that will help our members further develop their skills.

Director of Education and Development (former)
Brandon is a second-year mechanical engineering major who is also part of IEEE, ASME & NSU @UCR.
His career vision for the future is to be a mechanical engineer within the Tech Defense and Space Industry.

Technical Sub-Team Leads

Third-year Mechanical Engineering major who strives to provide the members of this top-tier organization with opportunities to grow both technically and professionally.

Third-year Mechanical Engineering major who’s looking forward to working with others to further develop the UGV for competition while learning more about unmanned aerial systems.

Fourth-year Electrical Engineering major hoping to finally see the UAV fly in the AUVSI SUAS competition after 3 years with the organization.

Second-year Mechanical Engineering major whose goal is to finish development and integrate the interoperability system with all other subsystems.

Third-year Computer Science major who wants to research new ways to implement pathfinding and develop safety protocols the UAV could activate during unplanned events.

Third-year Computer Science major whose goal is to create a well-structured program that will be the basis of the computer vision segment of the project.

Third-year Electrical Engineering major who wishes to gain leadership experience in an engineering environment and see the final UAV and UAS compete this year.

Current Sub-Team Members

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Kenneth Chew [Lead]

Hovanness Dingilian
Kiran Ekanayake
Christopher Eng
Amey Rakheja
Abhijit Rege
Charles Woods

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

 Angela Calderon [Lead]
Ana Sophia Cardenas
Marco Barajas
Jordan Edwards
Tyrese Rose
Tyler See

Electrical Engineering

 Jeremy Carleton [Lead]
Edward Chung
Kathryn Hammar
Dakota Heredia

Computer Science

Sahas Poyekar [Lead]

Nicholas Deloney
Nicole Garcia
Hsiang-Yin Hsieh
Rohit Manimaran
Hulbert Zeng

Computer Vision

Scott Vo [Lead]

Alexander Gao
Kashyap Panda
Daniel Vonrhein

Antenna and Gimbal

Ana Sophia Cardenas [Lead]
Jacob Alcaraz
Alison Gonzalez
Vincent Tran

Business Department

Pengchi Xiao [Department Head]

Trang Bui
Matthew Toth
Jarett Yip
Matthew Nguyen
Zipeng (Jackson) Wei

Giselle Mestizo