Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Team Lead

Riverside, United States

Introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Sub-Team

Sub-teams are specialized teams that produce particular subsystems defined by the project’s need. In addition to contributing towards the overall product, sub-teams serve as an opportunity for UCR-UAS members to engage in both leadership and technical development roles that further educate UCR students.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sub-team is responsible for the design, development, and testing of a VTOL fixed-wing aircraft that is capable of accomplishing mission tasks defined by the annual AUVSI SUAS Competition.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Sub-Team Lead Job Description

Sub-team leads are responsible for developing innovative technical solutions for their given subsystem. These sub-systems are defined and approved by the AUVSI-SUAS Project Coordinator. The sub-team lead(s) are expected to oversee, manage, and engineer their sub-system from conception to integration, and if needed, decommission. In addition to being accountable for their sub-systems' integration, sub-team leads are expected to uphold UCR-UAS Leadership Values and offer meaningful guidance to its members. 

The UAV lead is responsible for overseeing all operations within the UAV team. They are responsible for delivering a fully-functioning UAV that is integrated with all other subsystems by the 2023 AUVSI-SUAS competition.

General Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a clear and open line of communication between the Project Coordinator and sub-team leads.

  • Organize and facilitate regular meetings with sub-team members.

  • Relay announcements and other pertinent information between sub-team leads and sub-team members.

  • Meet deadlines specified by the project timeline.

  • Attend and report project updates at weekly leads meeting and any other necessary meetings.

Role-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Designing components and organizing parts into assemblies using Solidworks.

  • Manufacturing components using power tools, 3D printing, etc.

  • Leading flight days to ensure that tests are successfully completed and in a safe manner.

  • Contributing to design and troubleshooting to improve/optimize aircraft design, as needed.

Application Information

If you're interested in applying for the UAV Lead position for the 2022-2023 term, please fill out the following form:  https://forms.gle/z98ka3nzgByus9WeA

Deadline to Apply: Monday, April 25th 2022 by 11:59 PM PST