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      Welcome to Unmanned Aerial Systems at UC Riverside!

      We are an interdisciplinary group of students focused on designing, constructing and programming an autonomous aerial vehicle to compete in the annual AUVSI-SUAS competition.

      Despite the 2020-2021 competition's cancellation due to COVID-19, we are still creating opportunities for our own students to strive and apply their in-class knowledge in practical and educational environments. We have expanded our project's scope to include diverse project-based educational and professional opportunities to push our students and the students of Riverside in general to pursue their passions and hone their skills in the field of aerospace, business, engineering, and more.



      We are looking for members of all majors and backgrounds to join our teams!

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      UC Riverside Aerospace Conference

      UC Riverside Aerospace Conference is an annual large-scale conference founded by students at UAS that allows students to explore aerospace opportunities at UC Riverside and inspire them to make a difference in the aerospace industry.

      Our next Conference is planned for Saturday April 9, 2022.

      Learn more about AeroCon2022

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      Current Events

      Python Course 2022

      Unmanned Aerial Systems at UCR is hosting our second annual Python workshop this year, this time extended into a full course spanning 2 phases! This is highly recommended for all engineering subteam members and anyone who wants to pick up a new programming language and build their resume skills!

      Phase I (Winter) will introduce basic python syntax, VSCode set up, and other foundational principles. Phase II (Spring) will be project-based and we will be teaching machine learning through Python.

      You will need to:
      1) attend Phase I lectures
      2) participate in the assignments

      And we will invite you to:
      1) attend our guest speaker event at the end of this quarter
      2) apply for Phase II (you may attend phase II without phase I if you are already proficient in Python)

      Ready to learn Python? RSVP here: 

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      Chino Planes of Fame Air Museum - Hangar Talks Feature

      UAS at UCR has been invited to present at one of the Chino Air Museum's monthly Hangar Talks on Saturday, Feb 5th, which will be followed by a flying demonstration of one of their real historical war planes!

      We hope you can come show your support and check out this amazing place, for more details see the program below

      Feb 5th Hangar Talk Program

      Fall 2021 Recap

      Flight Days

      Bi-weekly on Saturdays (Fall 2021)

      We are currently postponing public flight demonstrations to focus on internal technical development of our full-sized model.

      Relativity Space Recruitment Panel

      Relativity Space is most known for their work in revolutionizing how rockets are built and flown by fusing 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous robotics to develop the world's first 3D-printed rocket.

      Meet current engineers and recruiters within the aerospace industry to learn more, create connections, and develop opportunities now! Relativity is looking for applicants interested in fields such as engineering, computer science, aerospace, administration, finance, and marketing as well.

      We are proud to have Relativity Space as our sponsor!

      2020-2021 Year-in-Review


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      Unmanned Aerial Systems strives to expand this rapidly growing industry within our community to reshape the way we operate on a day-to-day basis. Be a part of that change today!